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There are three occupations that make use of a smart scale according to coffee specialist Kayo Cosio. They are the baristas, jewelers and drug dealers.

For those whose morning cannot function with caffeine, there is little difference between coffee and jewelry. Have you seen how most people hug a cuppa lovingly? It turned out that there is a more pressing reason to love coffee. It is one of the resources that could go extinct.

Australia’s Climate Institute released a study three years ago that states that climate change poses a threat to the quality of coffee beans and the quantity of its production. It is at risk of being completely wiped out by 2080. While that seems like eons from now, it does give you a certain appreciation for the cup you are enjoying now.

Coffee can be addicting. Sometimes the aroma is enough to perk you up. But to make a cup of coffee, the really good kind, you will need precision, practice and the right equipment.

“Every part (of coffee- making) is equally important. Where do you get the coffee? How is it farmed? How is the barista preparing it,” Kayo asked Super. He gave a Coffee 101 lecture to the guests who attended the opening of the Caffe Freddo in Bonifacio Global City.


Scott Tanm, Caffe Freddo managing director


Everything contributes to the flavor of the coffee. It starts from the land where it grows to how it roasted. For example, to make the perfect shot of espresso you need to express grounded beans between 20-30 seconds. The ratio of coffee to water is 1:2, which meant that for every gram of coffee you need twice the amount of water. And after all the trouble, it is not the drink with most caffeine.

The rule of thumb is that the quicker the brew, the lesser the caffeine. Thus, beans brewed for 5-10 minutes in a coffee maker is stronger than espresso. Go for the cold brew which takes 12-24 hours to complete if you want something with a punch.

Caffe Freddo practices what Kayo preaches. For example, the espresso base brewed in 30 seconds achieves the chocolaty and fruity flavor of the coffee. Their coffee comes from two countries known for the beans—Colombia and Brazil. They have machines that keep the temperature consistent during brewing to always give a tasty, balanced cup. They clean their machines twice a day to maintain the flavors of each cup.


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The concept of the Caffe Freddo is based on Bluestone Lane NYC, an Australian-inspired coffee shop and lifestyle brand that also offers brunch meals throughout the day. Some of them are Three Hummus Tartine (P210), Flatbreads (P380), Brioche French Toast (P250), Aglio Oli and Pancetta (P350), Fried Chicken Confit and Fries (P320), Two Eggs Benedict (P280) and desserts like Mango Granita (P220)

Kayo suggested some food and coffee pairing which you can do in the café.

“Espresso cuts through the flat white nicely. You’re able to taste both the milk and the coffee in that beverage. That means that it pairs well with the Eggs Benedict,” he said. “For the Fried Chicken, I would pair it with black coffee. A regular brewed coffee has a nice, clean, round and sweet flavor,” he said.

Caffe Freddo offers a variety of coffee drinks. Their Flat White is a must-try since they are Australian-inspired café. But if you want to give something different a try, go for the Kendo Rose which is a mix of double shot espresso, tonic water, rose syrup and lemon. You want to wait out the traffic at night, have a latte.


Kayo Cosio, Caffe Freddo head of coffee operations


Kayo also has words to say to those who love to add whipped cream, milk or chocolate to their coffee.

“There’s nothing wrong with being true to who you are,” he said. So enjoy your coffee guiltlessly, people. You earned it.

Caffe Freddo is at The Spa Building, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City.


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