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Launching soon on Kickstarter: G-Presso – Gyro Press Coffee Maker


Los Angeles, CA – On June 7th (8:00 a.m. PST) 2019, the coldbrew extractor G-PRESSO will be launched on Kickstarter! Coldbrew is a type of coffee brewed with cool water over a 12 to 24 hour period, producing a distinct flavor that makes it taste so good, coffee enthusiasts have nicknamed it “Angels’ Tears.”

Unfortunately, it is difficult to enjoy this refreshing drink because of the lengthy brewing time. Plus, the amount of coffee produced isn’t much considering the time it takes to extract it. Potentially, the worst problem is the difficulty in controlling hygiene, such as bacteria breeding while the coffee grounds just sit in water.

G-Presso doesn’t have these issues. This new device uses advanced gyro-technology to create a strong extraction pressure and utilizes magnetic levitation for reduced friction, which helps to conserve energy. A small, portable coffee machine, G-Presso can extract three to four servings of deep, flavorful coffee in as little as 3 minutes with cool or room temperature water.

The rotating pressurized extraction system is made with Tritan plastic (an eco-friendly sanitary material used for baby bottles) to add to the stability of the product. G-presso also has a sealed binding structure, safely preventing bacteria and contaminated air from entering the device, a problem of existing coldbrew extractors. Now, anyone can enjoy fresh any ice-cold coffee anytime, anywhere.

The biggest advantage is that fresh coffee is extracted at a maximum time of four minutes, a short-time to wait. The coffee you’ll find quickly ready has a rich crema with a deep body taste, and extracts a soft coffee due to its low acidity and sweetness, providing the distinct cold brew flavor.

As a bonus feature, the attachable foam whisk that comes with G-Presso makes rich and soft milk bubbles for lattes or cappuccinos. Now, you can enjoy the taste of high-quality coffee from a variety of menu choices.

If you’ve purchased and enjoyed coldbrew only at cafes because of the high cost to directly produce this kind of coffee in a typical household, take this opportunity to enjoy the original taste of fresh cold brew with G-Presso.

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