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Hotel guest finds mould clogging coffee machine in his room

A hotel guest was disgusted to find mould and fungus growing in his bedroom coffee machine.

The horrifying discovery was made by Henry River after he lifted the lid to the machine in his hotel room.

He posted the image to Reddit with the caption: “And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it …”

People can’t decide what exactly is growing/dying/decomposing in the water reservoir at the back of the machine.

Several Reddit users were convinced that a previous guest had attempted to cook food in there.

One suggested that it’s “mac n cheese” while another suggested “chicken vertebrae”.

Inside the water dispenser was yellow mould and fungus as well as floating grey clumps.

Online users struggled to distinguish what it was inside the machine.

A coffee machine savvy Redditor jumped in to clear up any confusion, writing, “The white object is the tube that sends the hot water to the coffee filter. All of the other debris is mould, fungus, etc”.

One person remarked: “It’s like a petri dish! Looks like your going out for coffee for the duration of your stay.”

Others were terrified about their previous hotel stays: “Every unchecked coffee machine I’ve ever used I now going through my head no no no no no no.”

Another person said: “Well excuse me while I retroactively gag for every single cup of coffee I’ve made in my past 20 years travelling,” to which the person who posted the picture replied: “So sorry dude.”

A hotel expert previously explained the first thing to check when entering a hotel bedroom is the coffee machine.

This is because they can be a “haven for bacteria, rust and mould” if they aren’t cleaned properly.

If the machine is dirty inside, it could be an indicator that the rest of the room hasn’t received much attention from housekeeping staff.

But the discussion about the appliance didn’t end there, with users explaining other horror stories during a hotel stay.

“My friend found dirty diapers in the hotel ice container the other day,” shared one Reddit user.

“Everything in every hotel is filthy and everything in a hotel room has a coating of dried human fluids on it. If you can imagine it, some deviant has already done it a few times in your room,” said another, adding that their ‘sources’ were a motel maintenance man and a hotel concierge.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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