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traveller’s shock discovery in hotel coffee machine – Travel Weekly

A Reddit user has posted the definition of a ‘hotel nightmare’ by revealing what they found inside a hotel coffee machine.

The image, which was posted by user ‘henryriver’, revealed a cesspool of mould and fungus the user found when they tried to make their morning brew.

Image (Reddit): u/henryriver

“And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it….” reads the caption.

The comments section of the post was filled with users hard-pressed to distinguish what was in the machine.

Henry River, the author of the post, later clarified that everything other than the “white tube that sends the hot water to the coffee filter” is mould and fungus.

“It’s like a Petri dish!” u/sumdewdd writes, adding: “Looks like your going out for coffee for the duration of your stay.”

Another, u/Sitranine quipped: “That is the Primordial Soup, a new flavour of espresso that will turn your body into a giant mushroom.”

“What is that? Half a biscuit floating?” u/JanettieBettie said.

Other users posted their own horrendous experiences in hotels, which you can read here.

In February, a hotel guest was shocked when he found brown water running from his room’s sink. You can watch his reaction here.

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